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Now enrolling teens 13 - 18 years old in Project ECHO's 
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Silicon Beach Virtual

Tentatively scheduled for weekdays
, July 10 - Friday, July 21, 2023
Daily from 10-12 PM, PT
Virtual Showcase Event: Friday, July 21, 1-3 PM PT 

Fee: $650 
Early Bird Coupon: Save $100 with coupon code: SUMMER2023

From Think Tank to Shark Tank
Join us and Create and Pitch your Business!
Now enrolling teens in middle and high school

Entrepreneurship is a proven way to ignite a teen’s creativity, curiosity, and innovative spirit. Register today for an activity-based summer program that builds life, academic, and personal skills while helping teens ideate and create a business and pitch. 

High School Entrepreneurs' Summer Showcase Event

At the conclusion of the program, these emerging entrepreneurs will pitch their start-up at

our virtual showcase event, with winning teams awarded medal lanyards.

Participants will also receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, and an excellent experience to refer to on employment, internship, and college admission applications and essays.

Overview of Program

This program follows a coordinated curriculum intended for budding entrepreneurs to ideate a business and dive into all of the operations of creating, researching, developing, prototyping, and marketing a business.  In addition, students will understand the financial investment needed to launch a business and calculate future income, expenses, and profits.  

Students will get creative and design a full presentation deck using Power Point and will pitch (Shark Tank-Style) at the showcase event.  Parents and friends are invited to watch the competition.  

No prior entrepreneurship experience is required. 


Students who successfully complete the summer program are encouraged to take their business to the next level and compete in Project ECHO's High School Entrepreneurs' Business Plan Competition scheduled in the Spring. Students will be required to turn in a written business plan that can be can be accomplished on their own, or for additional support, teens can enroll in the winter program (January - April) at a discounted rate. 

Program Fee
Save $100 with coupon code: SUMMER2023
(coupon expires July 5, 2023) 

one coupon per transaction 

Steps to Enrolling: 
1) Complete the enrollment application below
2) During the checkout process, enter your coupon code 
3) You and your student will both receive a confirmation email identifying your next steps and how to prepare for the launch of the program
July 10. 

Since 1996, Project ECHO, a Santa Monica based nonprofit, has created a myriad of entrepreneurship programs and activities to help teens find their path to college and career.


Office hours are intended to support classroom based learning, provide assistance after a missed class and for general assistance in developing student presentations. 

Office hours will be available immediately after class, and must be requested by students at least 24 hours in advance. 

THE FINE PRINT: please read!

Students who commit to attending all sessions and visiting office hours as needed will have a successful experience in this academic program. Project ECHO cannot guarantee the outcomes of the students or their businesses, their participation in the showcase event, nor does Project ECHO provide assistance to participants interested in launching their businesses.  Silicon Beach Virtual Teen Entrepreneurship Program is intended to provide high school and middle school students with an introduction to entrepreneurship, a vibrant capstone event, and the opportunity to identify academic strengths and future career interests as a pathway to college and career. All participants will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the conclusion of the program. This program requires a minimun enrollment of five students, otherwise, it may be cancelled.

The Entrepreneurship Program Gets Teens to Solve Real

Problems Through the Creation of a Product or Service.

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Utilizing design thinking, the core entrepreneurship curriculum will lead students
through entrepreneurship as building an asset for one’s community.

This program will provide a solid foundation for students to ideate, create and pitch a start-up. The program will cover:


  • Business concepts and development: Introducing students to for-profit, not-for-profit, and intrapreneurship

  • ​Ideation: What's a problem in your community and what product or service can be created to solve it?

  • Industry and market analysis: Identifying target markets and segments

  • Competitive analysis: Conducting online research and analyzing a competitor grid

  • Marketing: Determining price points for goods sold, identifying one’s value proposition

  • Product or service development: Prototyping one’s product or service

  • Financial plan: start-up costs, expenses, break even points and profit margins

  • Communications: Writing an executive summary, creating a fast pitch, problem solving with peers

  • ​Presentation skills: Creating a 10-12 slide presentation and narrating the information precisely in an 8-minute pitch

  • Critical thinking: Learning to take feedback in a positive manner and turn it into gold

  • Teamwork and peer support: Working with and supporting others as they develop their business
    Students will prepare for the High School Entrepreneurs' Business Plan Competition throughout the course. Members of the winning team will be awarded cash start-up funds and medal lanyards. 

Students will participate in a virtual competitive showcase event on the last day of the program. Members of the winning team will be awarded medal lanyards and major bragging rights! 


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, and an excellent experience to refer to on future internship, employment, and college admission applications and essays.

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