Multiple Entrepreneurship Programs, After School Activities, and Clubs for Rising Middle through High School Students

Project ECHO’s programs are designed to keep students engaged, whether you're in a virtual or in-person classroom.  Project ECHO’s programs have been created to provide individual students, student clubs, teachers, and schools the opportunity to participate in a business and entrepreneurship program. Activity-based learning engages students through the development of a start-up that’s supported by a robust curriculum, student mentoring, on-line business boot camp events, Entrepreneur Chats and special guest speakers, and a capstone event worthy of including in college applications. 


Individual students are invited to join Project ECHO's After School Entrepreneurship Program, or encouraged to start an entrepreneurship club on their campus.


Contact Project ECHO to learn about our different programs and find one that's right for your students!

Project ECHO's marquee event is an annual business plan competition where hundreds of teens compete for cash start up funds. This event will return to UCLA Korn Hall when it's safe to do so. Until then, we’re on Zoom!


School-Based Programs Keep Your Students Engaged!


Launching ECHO

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Launching ECHO

(Entrepreneurial Concepts Hands On!)


Add a project-based entrepreneurial activity to your classroom or club. One-hour a week will introduce your students to entrepreneurship as they work in teams to ideate and create a business, prepare a pitch and compete in the High School Entrepreneurs' Business Plan Competition.


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Tailored Innovation & Entrepreneurship Studies

A semester-long entrepreneurship program  supplemented with start-up case studies from multiple industries and infused with design challenges to keep students engaged. Students build academic portfolios and participate in a classroom start-up showcase event. 


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Middle School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Studies

A semester-long entrepreneurship program based on social emotional learning empowering youth to become part of the solution. Introduces case studies and design challenges to increase student engagement. Concludes with a classroom start-up showcase event.

Enroll as an Individual Student in our After School Program or Start an Entrepreneurship Club at Your School!
Join ours, start your own or register for our after school program.

Social Entrepreneurship

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InVisions: Social Justice, Accessibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In partnership with the Fox Family Foundation, InVisions is an innovative program that gets teens focused on building a more inclusive community through the creation of products and services that meets the needs of people of all abilities.

InVisions may be offered as a semester or year long entrepreneurship class, a robust summer program, or students may enroll in a free self-paced program.


InVisions culminates in a formal pitch competition in the Spring.


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Launching Winter 2022/2023

Morgan Stanley

Entrepreneurship Academy

In partnership with Morgan Stanley, the MSEA is an entrepreneurship program highly focused on personal and business finance, and preparing students for future careers in finance.  This project-based program can be added to any high school or college class, a student club, or can be offered as an after-school program. 

Organizations may qualify for subsidized registration if more than 75% of their anticipated student enrollment represents African American or Black populations. 

Teacher Resources

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Coming Soon!

Entrepreneurship Teacher Resources


Entrepreneurship teachers will soon have a portal of open-source and free materials and resources to help engaged your students and support your classroom teaching methods.   Feel free to share your favorite resources, as well! 


Resources include additional curriculum, videos, articles, websites, tutorials and more!


No need to enroll, this will be offered free to all teachers.  Would you like to add a resource to this page? Please submit your request for consideration below. All submissions must be offered at no charge. 

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Start-Up! Club

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Start-Up! Virtual

Entrepreneurship Club

An international student-led entrepreneurship club hosted by Project ECHO staff and mentors. Students learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through activities and guest speakers.

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Entrepreneurship Club


Launch your High School Entrepreneurship Club

Project ECHO's Entrepreneurship Club Playbook provides a full year's worth of weekly meeting ideas and activities that will meet the entrepreneurial interests of your students.

Interested in competing in the Business Plan Competition? Add Launch ECHO into your club to help prepare teens to form businesses and prepare their pitches!

*This is a fee-based program.

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Virtual After School Program

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After School

 Entrepreneurship Program

January  - May  2023

10am – 12PM PST on Zoom

Intended for individual students who are not part of a class. Entrepreneurship is a proven way to ignite a teen’s creativity, curiosity, and innovative spirit. Register today for an activity-based program that builds life, academic, and personal skills while helping teens ideate and create a business and pitch. 

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 Project ECHO is an amazing experience that re-engages students and helps them identify personal and academic goals.