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Empower Tomorrow - Launch Today: Free guide for students who want to launch a club on their campus!

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"Students who take the initiative to lead and establish a high school entrepreneurship club gain hands-on entrepreneurial skills along with a unique advantage in personal and professional development. Leadership roles in these clubs expose students to practical challenges, fostering resilience, innovation, and a dynamic skill set that goes beyond the classroom, providing a distinctive edge in their journey towards future success," highlighted Diane Quast, Executive Director.

Want to Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Club members are allowed to register for Launching ECHO, an activity-based program that takes students through the steps of ideating and creating a business plan, and encouraged to participate in Project ECHO's Teen Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition where student teams compete for cash start-up funds (aka college scholarships!)

What's an Entrepreneurship Club?

An entrepreneurship club is a student-led organization within a school or college that focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging innovation, and providing a platform for students to explore and develop their business ideas while learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Why Start a Club?

 Starting an entrepreneurship club at your high school is not just about launching a club; it's about cultivating invaluable leadership skills that set you apart. As the driving force behind the club, you'll hone skills in organization, communication, and project management. Steering meetings, coordinating events, and collaborating with fellow members will empower you to lead effectively. This hands-on leadership experience is a beacon on your college resume, showcasing initiative, innovation, and a proactive commitment to personal and collective growth.

Why it Matters

College admissions committees and future employers are drawn to candidates who demonstrate the ability to initiate and lead impactful initiatives, making your entrepreneurship club leadership an asset that shines brightly in the competitive landscape of college and employment applications. Embark on this entrepreneurial journey – not only will you shape your high school experience, but you'll make a lasting and sustainable change on your campus. 

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How to Start an Entrepreneurship Club

Discover the essential steps to kickstart your club with our comprehensive guide. Uncover insights on organization, leadership, and impactful event planning, enriching your high school experience. Please note that while this guide empowers you to start a club, it does not delve into entrepreneurship teachings.

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