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Ready to Implement?

Register for a Project ECHO program and implement entrepreneurship into your classroom today.  Training dates, events and activities for all of our programs will be listed here. Teachers and club leaders can also request office hours with our program director by following the link at the bottom of the page. Schools registered for the Launching ECHO program should register for training to learn how to schedule teacher office hours, how to request program mentors, how to access the video library of recorded guests and curriculum presentations, and learn best practices as your students prepare for the Business Plan Competition. 

Upcoming Events and Activities

All events are virtual and are scheduled from 4-6pm PST,  unless otherwise noted.


Events are program-specific, however Entrepreneurs Chats are open to all program participants. 

TIES: Teen Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies
LE: Launching ECHO/High School Entrepreneurs' Business Plan Competition

Open enrollment begins for all programs 

7: TIES Teacher Training Part I (4PM PST)
21: TIES Teacher Training Part II (4PM PST)

4: LE Teacher Training Part I (4PM PST)

16: TIES National Showcase Event (4PM PST)

27: LE - Boot Camp Design Thinking (4PM PST)

10: LE - Boot Camp Industry and Market Analysis (4PM PST)
11: Entrepreneurs' Chat: Journey to the C-Suite
17: LE Teacher Training - Competition Preparation  (4PM PST)
24: LE - Boot Camp Finance Part 1 (4PM PST)

10: LE - Boot Camp Finance Part II (4PM PST)
11: Entrepreneurs' Panel & Chat: The Innovative Entrepreneur

2: National TFI Showcase Event (4PM PST)
8: Entrepreneurs' Panel & Chat
14: LE - Boot Camp Public Speaking (4PM PST)

14: Semi-Finals High School Entrepreneurs' Business Plan Competition (8AM PST)
15: Finals Business Plan Competition

TBD: Finals Event & 25th Anniversary Celebration

Teacher Support and Office Hours

Please contact Matilda Albano, Program Director, for additional information: