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2021 Business Plan Competition Winning Pitches

At the 17th Annual Business Plan Competition over 200 high schoolers across 36 teams fiercely pitched their business plans to a live panel of judges who acted as venture capital investors deciding on which businesses they would most likely fund. After their live and written business plans were evaluated, 11 of those teams took home start-up funding.

During the finals round, 5 of the winning teams re-pitched their business plans to our panel of Lead Judges. Here are their live presentations!

Overall Competition Winner earning $2000


Westridge School for Girls

1st place in Products winning $1,000


Breakthrough Training Center

2nd place in Products winning $500

Fire Flakes

Breakthrough Training Center

1st place in Social Enterprise winning $1000


Breakthrough Training Center

2nd place in Services winning $500


Los Alamitos

In every competition, not everyone can win, but as every successful entrepreneur knows, failure is an inevitable part of the road to success. This competition aims to not only crown the winners, but to also help build a generation of successful business and community leaders who are willing to take risk.

Thank you to all the teams, teachers, adult leads, program leaders, coaches, and all other mentors involved in the 2021 Business Plan Competition and 2020-2021 school year!

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