through activity-based entrepreneurship programs that impact the direction of their lives through leadership, mentorship, friendship and business plan competitions.

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Now enrolling schools for the 2021-2022 school year. Project ECHO can be offered as an on-line and virtual program, or in-person!

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High School, Middle School, After- School and Entrepreneurship Clubs and Programs


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Business Coach and Mentorship Program


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High School Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition

What Does Project ECHO Offer?

Project ECHO (Entrepreneurial Concepts Hands On!) offers project-based entrepreneurship programs that will turn any classroom into a personally relevant, engaging and inclusive experience for students in 6th through 12th grade.

Through robust entrepreneurship programs, Project ECHO offers:

  • student-focused curriculums

  • professional development for educators

  • university-hosted events

  • mentorship, support and guest speakers

  • assistance to schools to build community collaborations

  • and features the High School Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition

Students complete Project ECHO’s entrepreneurship programs empowered by their accomplishments, with many juniors and seniors reporting college majors and careers are now in focus!

Innovate + Participate + Succeed


More than 97% of teen participants indicated that Project ECHO's Business Plan Competition was their most memorable high school experience. 


Of high school students indicated that they will refer to Project ECHO on their college applications and future employment applications.


Of participants could now lead a team. This is how we change the future and develop the next generation of leaders. 


90% of participants had an increased interest in business. This is important as teens start to plan for their careers and understanding what goes into running a successful business is value-added.


Showed increased skills in finance, leadership, communication, self-confidence, teamwork and enthusiasm for school. It also helped them to decide a college major and make new friends.


70+% identified their academic strengths, were influenced on their decision to go to college and had an increased confidence level to graduate from high school.


Ray Chou, Director

Breakthrough Training Center

I would encourage schools considering Project ECHO to sign up immediately! Project ECHO is among the most caring organizations out there. Year in and year out, it provides loads of infrastructure for both students and schools looking to learn and teach entrepreneurship. The programs are always improving, and the leadership is top notch.
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Dr. Saba Araya, Principal

City Honors International Preparatory High School

Some of the life skills that we have seen manifest in our students who participate in Project ECHO are confidence in public speaking, feeling successful in collaborating and working with a team, learning how to collect and analyze data, using social media for business, and using creativity to find innovative solutions to difficult problems. These life skills build a student’s career pathway toolkit needed for success in the future.

Green Shack 2019 Competition #2 cloudcon

Team Green Shack

Participating in Project ECHO's Business Plan Competition was an awesome experience. It was hard, but our team was determined to do well and we actually committed to each other that we were going to win this. We hit the floor when we did! 

Project ECHO is designed to unleash the potential of all young people. We teach participants to draw both from their own strengths as well as to build upon the capabilities of others. Developing a new business idea from the ground up not only re-engages students in their academic journey, but it builds a more assured future for their next step into college and/or career.