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Preparing for your future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Getting Your First Internship

“Teens who complete Project ECHO's entrepreneurship program are significantly better prepared for a professional internship compared to teens without this experience,” said Diane Quast, Executive Director.  “Project ECHO's programs puts teens on a fast track to identifying what they're interested in and exposes them to future college majors and career paths.”

Acceptance to an internship during high school, or into one’s college of choice, can be greatly enhanced with extracurricular programs, such as Project ECHO’s Entrepreneurship Programs.  


Entrepreneurship programs will provide teens with a foundational business school education combined with real life application as they learn to ideate, create, research, market, finance and prototype their own business. Their hands-on experience will shine brightly on resumes as students compete for internships and set them apart from peers competing for college admissions.

What’s in an Entrepreneurship Program


Entrepreneurship offers teens a personal and robust opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of academic and career disciplines.  Project ECHO's Entrepreneurship programs will introduce students to:


  • Translate problems into opportunities (basis of entrepreneurship)

  • Business plan development (researching the market opportunity)

  • Economic principles (supply and demand)

  • Marketing skills (identifying target markets)

  • Create and assess feasibility of ideas

  • Sales techniques (benefits of one’s product/service)

  • Understand ownership structures

  • Apply basic accounting principles (understanding business finance)

  • Demonstrate financial management (balance sheets and Profit and loss statements)

  • Public speaking (presenting in front of teams and potential investors)

  • Presentations and pitch decks (creatively pitch one’s business)

At the conclusion of Project ECHO's Entrepreneurship Program, teens will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment which can be included in resume and portfolios submitted for internship, employment and college admissions!

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